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MKR AI is an AI Partners Fund company built by Crane AI and trained by Trane AI.

We live in an era of bullshit.

Disinformation interferes with elections, wastes human, financial and business resources, and erodes public trust in legitimate media. You can label it fake news but there is no such thing: usually they're facts wrapped in a false assumption.

We use AI to flag disinformation. We place this content on the blockchain, offering token rewards to users who are invited to verify, annotate, and curate stories that have value. It’s our hypothesis the spread of disinformation is a problem of shareability, technology,and ideology (confirmation bias).

We can answer two of those three challenges: AI identifies patterns of deception in word use + sentiment analysis to grade likelihood of the intent to mislead or evade.

Line by line analysis of top trending fake stories on a veracity spectrum.

Fake media profiles that get news to trend are identified by patterns in behavior. We take that data and create original content, based on behavior that people consume news to arm themselves for debate.

Our analysis details the methodologies to come to our conclusion based on what is knowable. Content is then put on InterPlanetary File Storage (IPFS, decentralized storage) for attestation on the blockchain and opened to annotation on our platform.

Users who validate or add good quality, verifiable content are rewarded with MKRAI tokens. Bots and trolls are identified by pattern of activity and disabled until human moderators verify the user. We’re seeding media literacy and rewarding veracity by creating a safe space for those who appreciate truth in storytelling. MKRAIs are mined by Muckrakers, including both readers and publishers, in our community who verify stories. Users will be able to send tokens to publishers to reward them for veracity and integrity of content. MKRAI tokens will also allow for companies to lock in a discount rate on licensing fees for API/Browser.

MKRAIs are child tokens of Trane AI (TPAI) tokens, which can be traded for software development and AI training on Holders of MKRAI tokens can also access Trane AI’s eco-system where users can earn TPAI tokens for helping to train AI software. Our team is comprised of serial founders and entrepreneurs experienced in journalism, social venture, civic and frontier tech. MKR AI will ICO 10,000 BTC worth of MKRAI tokens.